Nursery School


Class Times:

Thumbelina Nursery School has class time every day.This is a structured time geared to age group and child abilities. Class time is a great introduction into the education system. Children are exposed to classroom etiquette as well as learning to adjust to the different behavioral expectations i.e. sitting for story time, following directons, sharing, socializing.

All class times include stories, music, arts & crafts, painting, playdough, glueing, etc.

The younger groups focus on motor development, socializing, shapes, colors, language development, and personal-social behavior.

The older groups focus more on letters, numbers, appropriate classroom behaviors, eye-hand coordination activities, and cognitive development such as rhyming, opposites, and word associations & classifications.

Children in the pre K and K classes also learn phonics and math. These classes are geared to allow the children to accelerate at their own pace. Some children leave here reading and performing rudimentary mathematical tasks. All are ready for the next step in their scholastic journey.

We also have computers for the older children to learn and play with.

Every year in June, we have a graduation ceremony for the children moving in to the next level up. The children perform dances and sing to international music providing fabulous entertainment for their families and friends while being rewarded with a sense of accomplishment..

During class times, we try to instill a sense of pride in a job well done as well as compassion for fellow classmates



We have a fabulous playground with all new equiment - climbing, 4-slides, and swings. The large play yard is enclosed with a clean sand area and plenty of room for running, playing ball, and excersising. Playtimes in the play yard are always supervised.

The Play Yard meets all current Federal Safety requirements.


Special Activities:

Thumbelina Nursery School offers a dance class (tap and ballet) and an acrobatics class. These classes are taught on site for a minimal fee payable to the dance and acrobatics teachers.

Special Science sessions are available at certain times of the year.

We also have visits from various community servicepeople such as firemen and policemen to talk about safety awareness. 'Stop, Drop, and Roll!' can be observed being practiced very enthusiasticaly for days after.

Our local library lady comes once a week for stories, songs, and other activities. The children are exposed, many for the first time, to the wonders awaiting them in their local Libraries.

We have wonderful holiday parties with visits from Santa, Easter bunny, Halloween friends and more. We also celebrate birthdays for the children.

We have semi annual class and student pictures taken by professional photographers.

Volunteers with Eye-care come once a year to give free eye checkups for the children.

The Seeing-Eye Dog group comes by from time to time to show the children their current pupils. Animal awareness is promoted.