Nursery School


Our Philosophy:

At Thumbelina Nursery School, we believe children will grow and learn at their own pace while being given an environment that meets all of their needs.

We provide a stable and secure environment. Our daily schedule is very routine so the children know where and when activities are. When a child feels secure, he/she will feel more at ease to explore, learn, and play.

Our dedicated, fully-credentialed staff strives to provide a nurturing, supportive, and enthusiastic atmosphere that is so important to promoting learning.

Thumbelina's staff has been here for over 17 years. Our hard work and dedication lives on through the years. This can be seen through the former children/students that are now bringing the next generation of children to Thumbelina.



Our Goals:

Our Goals here at Thumbelina are to provide a safe, stimulating, and loving environment that fosters confidence and affords each child the opportunity to develop in all areas; physical, emotional, social, creative, and cognitive.

We are a state licensed facility. We are also a member of PACE - The Professional Association of Childhood Education.

Our 17 year staff is comprised of a group of dedicated teachers who not only have college degrees, but are also certified in Early Childhood Education as well. They are also certified in First Aid and CPR.

Thumbelina Nursery School is open year round. We have a full-time (7am - 6pm) and a part-time schedule (8am - 12am) available.

We provide a nutritious lunch and a AM & PM snack for the full-time children, and an AM snack for the part-time children.





Teacher Susan:

Teacher Susan is the director of the facilities and is the teacher for the 3 and a half to 4 year olds. She has a BS degree in Elementary Education and Early Childhood development. She has been doing this work for over 30 years.

Teacher Kris:

Teacher Kris is the assistant director of the facilities and is also the kindergarten teacher. Kris has a BS degree and a BA in Early Childhood Education. She has over 20 years experience in the field.

Teacher Karen:

Teacher Karen is the teacher for the 2 to 3 year old children. She holds certifications in Early Childhood Education. Karen has over 25 years of experience in the profession.

Teacher Tami:

Teacher Tami is our substitute teacher for all the age groups. She holds a degree in Psychology and an ECE certification as well. Tami has 8 years experience in this field.

Teacher Sharon:

Teacher Sharon has completed Early Childhood Education units and is currently attending college for her BA.

* All Teacher have First Aid and CPR Training.

















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